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Slingsby T67a 2 seat Aerobatic A/c for sale

United Kingdom£15,000
T67A Firefly
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Europa Monowheel

United Kingdom£23,500ono
Europa Monowheel G-WUFF
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Colibri MB2

United Kingdom£8,000.00
Colibri MB2 G-BNDT
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SF25C Motor Glider

United Kingdom£12950
SF25C Motor Glider
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Dimona touring motorglider

United Kingdom£24000
Dimona H36 Mk. II
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Druine Rollason Condor D.62B

United Kingdom£13400
Light Aircraft, For Sale, D.62B
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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Miles, Gemini 1A

United Kingdom£39,950
Miles M65 Gemini 1A 1947
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Lovely Zlin 50 LS South Africa

South Africa$59500
Z50 LS

2009 CZAW Sportcruiser Ireland

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United Kingdom177,500
Propeller: MTV-14-D/195-30b Advantages: (according to Flight Resource) Turbine smooth, vibration free propeller operations Replaceable stainless steel leading edge for best erosion protection of the blades Improved engine cooling Enhanced climb performance Shorter take-off distance Increased static thrust Enhanced cruise performance Unlimited blade life, Lower cost overhaul and No AD’s