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The Aviramp Domestic is a portable jet bridge, designed for use on small narrow-bodied aircraft such as the Dash 8 (all variants) to the Avro RJ / Bae 146.

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Small aviramp doestic at dalas fort worth e1448019100568 900x400
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It offers one point of access to all passengers, including people with reduced mobility (PRM), and separate access for crew and catering. In fact, most ambulift cannot go low enough to assist passengers on these types of aircraft, and the ambulift footprint is also far too big for these particular aircraft stands. The Domestic comes in two versions, motorised or solar powered. Both are exactly the same in footprint, size and functionality. In fact this product is similar in size and weight to that of an average family saloon car! Easily towable and stored due to its space saving size, the Domestic has only two turns, as this is the only Aviramp model in the suite, where the fold down ramp protrudes from the rear; rather than the side. The usual patented angled slopes (7.5-8 degrees) are still in use on this model.

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