The Aviramp Lite has been developed as a safer and much more cost effective boarding ramp. It can be used on both front and rear doors, servicing aircraft such as the Dash, ATR and Saab, In effect any aircraft model with a sill height of 1.0 meters up to 1.6 meters. A solar powered version is now available.

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The Aviramp Lite is a simple, yet revolutionary boarding ramp, which eliminates the use of stairs and other costlier GSE and PRM equipment. This model is a portable boarding ramp, designed for front and rear door usage on aircraft such as the Dash, ATR, Saab models and can service any aircraft with a sill height of 1.0 metres (39”) up to 1.6 metres (63”). Designed to optimise passenger safety, improve flows and deliver on target performance, the Lite implements an all inclusive passenger experience, with an emphasis on dignified boarding for PRMs. It comes in two versions, either manual or solar powered. Both are exactly the same in footprint, size and functionality. This model has a height adjustable main ramp with fold out rear ramp sections. Incorporated at the top of each ramp is a 1.0 metre (39”) platform, specifically designed for a wheelchair rest area.

Aviramp logo blue